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The meaning of Tantra is too weave or expand and the tantric philosophy combines the Shiva male consciousness with the Shakti female energy to create a harmonious union as the ancient Buddhist and Hindu teachings unite love, spirituality and sexuality as one leading not only to sexual ecstasy but personal healing and fulfilment in all aspects of our lives.

An authentic tantric massage is a powerful and profound way to awaken the kundalini life force in the body, this sacred and sexual energy realigns the chakras and energy centres to encourage the removal of emotional blockages and suppressed trauma to allow full body regeneration.

During a treatment the senses are enticed, passions ignited and the heart is opened allowing the body and mind to feel fulfilled and empowered. The body and soul are nurtured in a safe and loving space whilst the mind is taken on a journey of ever changing emotions during which personal inhibitions are released and sexuality explored.


Surrender Letting go of inhibitions and feelings of guilt, allowing the body to embrace pleasure in all forms

Awareness Live in the moment, be mindful and physically, emotionally and mentally present at all times

Movement Ensure flow of energy in body is constantly moving and rejuvenating, creating balance and well being

Breathing Nourish the body and soul, inhaling breathe for awareness, exhaling to surrender to a deeper connection

Sound Having no fear to speak your truth and express your feelings with no judgement about others

Intention Learning to let go of control and gain consciousness to experience pleasure in every moment

Acceptance Embrace liberation and accept everyone equally, freedom only comes with acceptance

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The combination of both a tantric lifestyle and massage can offer huge benefits to men and women equally by opening the heart and being accepting to receiving pleasure many benefits can be experienced including personal healing and a deeper sense of intimacy for both ourselves and our relationships.

Benefits of tantra for men: Increased self-confidence, aids in satisfying partner sexually by prolonging ejaculation, can gain relief from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and male sexual health issues.

Benefits of tantra for women: Helps to develop sexuality, removes sexual shame, guilt and inhibitions, encourages a greater interest in love making and reaching orgasm and sexual fulfilment.