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Every session is tailor made to suit your own individual needs and requirements which is discussed when we meet as it’s very important that we both feel completely relaxed before, during and after the treatment.

As an introduction, tantric connection rituals are shared and then each party prepares for the treatment to ensure there are no barriers and to allow a deeper and more spiritual connection prior to the massage commencing.

The treatment consists of slow and sensual bodywork followed by the prostate and lingam or yoni massage. During the lingam massage a technique known as edging using specialised breathing techniques and control is incorporated to prolong ejaculation, the benefits of this is that the body can then build pleasure slowly as the sexual energy regenerates the body leading to full body orgasms which are so much more powerful and beneficial than the usual genital ones and the effects are much longer lasting.


Body to body massage (known as Nuru) can be incorporated into the treatment to further amplify the energy and create an intense and unforgettable experience. Due to the sacred nature of this work mutual trust and respect are essential. During a treatment you are encouraged to surrender and relax so the full intensity of the treatment and emotions created can be explored. Touch is generally one way, although respectful touch is accepted. Time is allowed following the session to relax and a shower is available if needed.

1.5 Hours 
Standard £120, Body to Body £140

2 Hours 
Standard £150, Body to Body £170

3 Hours
Standard £180 Body to body £200

For information on holistic treatments available and Tantric healing massage treatments please visit

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“Your love is located within you, it is yours to nurture and savour, to give to others in any way you choose. Love must be without qualifications or demands. You must learn to find ecstasy in other peoples happiness. Once you feel love for yourself it is quite normal to give it away.”

Wayne Dyer