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• All queries are welcome and I am happy to answer any relevant questions you may have. If you do not receive a reply straight away it is likely I am with a client or running a workshop and will return your call as soon as possible but certainly within 24 hours.

• All messages received between the hours of – will be replied to the following day.

• To confirm a booking a valid phone number or email address is required and bookings will not be confirmed using a withheld number, disrespectful or inappropriate messages or behaviour will result in an immediate termination of the call or session.

• Please note upon booking a non refundable deposit is required to confirm your chosen date and time and to ensure I maintain my commitment to your appointment. The remaining balance is payable on the day. The deposit due is as follows:

Treatments up to 2 hours £25
Treatments from 2-6 hours & workshops £50

Please note due to the length of the sessions I do operate a 48 hour cancellation policy.

• Please do not devalue my work or this sacred therapy by requesting sexual extras or discounts they will be declined.

Important note:
Tantra is based on a mutual connection and is a sacred and beautiful exchange between the giver and receiver, for a successful session it is essential that respect is maintained at all times.

Care should be taken prior to booking a treatment to ensure the session is suitable for your requirements, there is a huge difference between a sexual massage and an authentic tantric massage particularly if you have no prior experience of tantra so to eliminate confusion what do each entail?

A sexual massage is performed by a sex worker who will most commonly advertise their massage services online offering massage with ‘extras’ at premium rates wearing underwear or provocative clothing designed to excite and arouse. The focus of this style of massage is too create excitement as quickly as possible to encourage orgasm and inevitable ejaculation in a short period of time, the quality of the touch and energy of the therapist and treatment will convey this goal. Although at the time the pleasure can be felt immediately this can be short lived and long term causes exhaustion in the body with no long term benefits. They may refer to themselves as a ‘tantric therapist’ which obviously creates great frustration and can damage the reputation of genuine tantric therapists who will never offer sexual services of any kind because that is not the philosophy of tantra and does not represent it in any way and has led in some cases to it adopting a seedy reputation which is completely unfair.

A genuine tantric massage is performed with the therapist either completely undressed or dressed. The nudity is not viewed in a sexual way but as a pure and organic connection with both considered equal as is the authentic and ancient teachings with both the receiver and giver been seen as equals without clothes acting as a ‘barrier’ to enable a complete connection. A professional therapist will begin with connection rituals to prepare both giver and receiver for the massage and ensure both are fully relaxed and comfortable prior to the massage commencing. The focus is then heart led using a conscious touch to gradually awaken the kundalini (the sexual energy which lies dormant until it is activated) the receiver is taken on a journey of ever changing emotions during which they are encouraged to connect with their own bodies and explore the emotions created, it is never rushed and there is no end goal as pleasure is built gradually resulting in much stronger sensations throughout the treatment and afterwards.

Although the treatment is often arousing as the kundalini energy starts to spread throughout the body by maintaining the connection and encouraging this heightened state of mind and awareness the intention is kept pure and consistent meaning the true beauty of this experience can be fully appreciated as the receiver explores their sexuality and desires with a slow and gradual build-up of energy which creates full body orgasms and complete regeneration of the mind, body and soul in a safe and loving space whilst still preserving the essential life force.

The feeling of wellbeing following a treatment will last for a very long time and helps to build confidence, self-awareness and sexuality.

The meaning of tantra is to weave or expand, it is a beautiful and joyful dance during which the body is gently nurtured and taken on a journey of self-discovery towards awakening and transformation.