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Tantra encourages us to express our feelings and desires free from any inhibitions or judgement, the issue facing many individuals and couples today is a fear of expressing our own intimate needs and fantasies due to the fear of rejection or being misunderstood. Tantra teaches us to focus on our partners needs more than our own individual pleasure to ensure they are able to embrace receiving and have their needs fulfilled this leads to prolonging the love making experience, increasing compatibility and enhancing the connection not only on a deep emotional level but in all aspects of our lives and relationships.

The major difference between western culture and the tantric beliefs is that pleasure has to have a beginning and an end. On average men can achieve full arousal and climax after 15 minutes and following this the man is exhausted and just needs to rest, leaving the woman feeling frustrated and not valued which can over time create problems in the relationship as a woman needs a minimum of 20 minutes to achieve the same level of arousal. This is simple to address by ensuring the woman’s needs are met first, the man can not only take pride in the knowledge his partner is fully satisfied but the improved communication prolongs the experience for both, leading to increased pleasure and sexual ecstasy.

Tantra love making is like a dance with no beginning or end, it just focusses on the current moment with no goal but with the intention of fulfilling the desires and needs of both individuals through an increased communication which will deepen and nourish the relationship leading to a stronger and more fulfilling connection.

This 6 hour workshop is a fun, relaxed and informative way to enhance your relationship and explore boundaries in a safe and private space through this beautiful and sensual therapy. After an introduction to express your individual requirements as a couple you will have the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies using different senses including touch and taste to explore pleasure and build connection.

A massage sequence will then be demonstrated to you that you will have time to practice and perfect your technique so you can continue to experience new sensations in the privacy of your own home.

All materials for massage are supplied, just come with an open mind and a willingness to explore! Please note no written notes are provided but you are welcome to take notes at any time.

A certificate of attendance will be provided.

A shower is available for before and after the workshop if needed.

6 hour workshop: £250 including light refreshments


Upon booking a non refundable deposit of £50 will be required to confirm your chosen time and date of your workshop. The cost of the training is £250 per couple(not individually) and due to the intimate nature of this work only one couple are taught per workshop to respect and protect your privacy and to ensure my time is completely focussed with you.

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